The World’s Top Five Airports  

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Take to the skies

You either love airports, or you’re not a fan because of the busy nature of the place and the fact they’re downright stressful. Whatever your viewpoint, the bottom line is that without airports, there would be no holidays, and there would be no travel, so it’s lucky that the world’s biggest airports have caught onto this fact, and have now made their terminal buildings like entertainment centres in their own right.

Nowadays it’s not all about checking in and the security queue, because you can get your nails done, have a pampering massage, shop, eat and drink whilst you’re waiting for your boarding call.

There are obviously thousands of airports the world over, but there are several that are consistently within the top list of the best on the planet.

Fancy visiting any of these?

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore’s main airport is consistently named the best airport in the world. Huge, and connecting to over 200 destinations the world over, Singapore easily sees 5000 departures per week! It is estimated that a flight either takes off or lands into or from Singapore Changi every 90 seconds. That’s impressive. Add to that the entertainment side of things, with around 350 retail and service outlets, as well as pampering facilities, and you can understand why locals head to the airport for shopping and dining!

Incheon International Airport, Seoul

Incheon International is the largest airport in South Korea, and is one of the largest and busiest in the whole world. This is the main hub for some of the largest airlines in the region too, such as Korean Air, Asiana Airlines and Jeju Air. For another size statistic, Incheon International is Asia’s eighth busiest airport for passengers coming and going. Pretty big then, right? Because of this you will find the same number of shops, restaurants, bars and leisure activities that you would expect from such a massive airport.

Munich Airport

Germany’s second busiest airport after Frankfurt is the seventh busiest in the whole of Europe. In 2013 alone, Munich saw 38.7 passengers pass through its gates, which should give you some idea of the scale of this place. Lufthansa, a huge airline the world over, is also based at Munich Airport too. Two large passenger terminals, two runaways and cargo facilities make up the sprawling mass of this airport, as well as the usual entertainment options to keep passengers occupied whilst they wait.

Hong Kong International Airport

It’s no surprise that most of these airports are in Asia, and Hong Kong is another one that regularly makes the list. Based on the island of Chek Lap Kok, which is basically all about the airport, it’s easy to get into the city from here, which is a good idea for a long-haul stop-over, with plenty to see and do in Hong Kong itself. The airport is made up of two terminals and the Skypier with extensive shopping and dining activities. Hong Kong International is also the primary hub for Cathay Pacific. When the first passenger terminal opened, it was originally the world’s largest, and it is now easily one of the world’s busiest airports.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam’s main international airport sits just 20 short minutes out of the city centre, so for anyone on a stop-over, with a decent amount of time to wait of course, then getting into the city is easy. Schiphol Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Europe, and this is probably because of the number of indirect flights that call into this particular airport, before heading off to wherever they’re going after that. Massive in terms of entertainment facilities, as well as the number of flights landing and taking off, again the airport is a popular place for the locals to head for a spot of entertainment!

Photo Credit: rmlowe via photopin cc



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