Melbourne, A City Like No Other

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Australia’s state of Victoria is a beautiful place to visit regardless of which location you head to. Packed with natural wonders, beauty, wildlife, history, and cities, you really can’t go wrong – of course, Victoria is also close enough to New South Wales and its biggest city, Sydney, to mean that you can venture over easily enough.

Sitting pretty on the banks of the Yarra River is the large city of Melbourne. You might have heard of Melbourne because it is a famous filming location for the popular soap opera Neighbours, but it’s also totally crazy about sports, and most residents are super-fans of one team or another! Of course, around the city you will also find some beautiful natural areas, which means you can escape the fast pace of city life if you want to.

Finding the best accommodation for your needs is one of the first decisions you need to make, and luckily, there are plentiful cheap hotels Melbourne to choose from. Try and be as central as possible, to cut down on the moving around you need to do, and you will then be able to make use of the public transport system for any further afield travel you intend on doing. The Docklands area is the city centre, and this is where most of the daily life and touristic fun is to be found. This is a very sophisticated and cosmopolitan, area sat on the banks of the river itself, so you will get that glitzy by the water feel no matter what you do. There is shopping, gastronomy, and nightlife here in abundance.

Southbank is another area where you will find plentiful things to keep you occupied, with a little culture thrown in too; there are galleries and museums here to explore. Check out Crown Casino, which is huge and rather famous, and see if you can win some extra cash to enjoy your stay!

South Melbourne is like a window back in time, and this is a very chilled out part of the city. You will find Albert Park here as well the oldest part of the city, Port Melbourne. This area is a fantastic place to wander around and take in your surroundings.

There really isn’t much time to get bored in Melbourne, making it an ideal city destination, especially for those who have done Sydney and want to try something a little different.



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