Literal Paradise – The Wonder of The Caribbean    

Literal Paradise – The Wonder of The Caribbean    

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So many people dream of visiting the Caribbean, in fact most people at some point in their lives have looked into the idea, but have usually put it to one side because of cost. Yes, visiting such amazing destinations doesn’t come for free, but the good news? The cost of visiting the Caribbean has fallen dramatically over the last few years, and nowadays this paradise region is much more accessible to all.

Whether you visit via a cruise, you check out one island, or you hop around a few, the Caribbean is somewhere you simply have to venture to at least once in your life! You can rent your own personal Caribbean beach house, you can stay in a five star hotel, or you can cruise – the options are wide ranging.

The weather across the entire Caribbean region is basically fantastic! Warm summer nights, hot days, and even during the winter months, the weather is thankfully very mild and sunny! The region can occasionally be affected by adverse weather during the Atlantic Hurricane Season, from June to November, but the good news is that the islands are very well prepared, and forecasts are likely to be very far in advance. You shouldn’t let this put you off, because the chances of being caught up in such an event are slim, to say the least.

The biggest decision about visiting the Caribbean is which island to venture to. Do you want to base yourself on just one island? Do you want to hop around? There are many options for island hopping across the Caribbean these days; once upon a time this particular idea was saved for other regions, such as the Greek Islands, but the chance to see more than one island of this standard across a short space of time, is something you should certainly grab with both hands!

The Bahamas are known for total and utter luxury, as well as having some top class golf courses too. If you are a sporting enthusiast in terms of golfing, you will be able to enjoy the courses, kick back in luxury, as well as enjoying some of those simply jaw-dropping beaches. St Kitts is another island which is well known for golfing fun too, so that is another option to look into.

Those who want to venture towards the nature side of things should certainly look at the Dominican Republic. The green landscapes, complete with plentiful outdoor activities, are fantastic for exploration, and walking across the canopy of a rainforest on a wooden bridge is certainly something you have to do when you visit this beautiful island.

How about Cuba? Not only can you visit the hip and happening city of Havana, checking out those classic cars and a party on every street, but you can also venture over to Varadero, and enjoy the all inclusive luxury resorts that are plentiful.

Jamaica? Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting this party island? Kingston is the lively capital, but there are many other beach-based resorts which tick every box possible. Honeymooners find Jamaica a real favourite too, so this is certainly something you might like to look into if you have a special holiday coming up!

There are far too many Caribbean islands to talk about in detail here, but it’s definitely a good idea to do research into each one, in order to really identify the best one for you. Think about the activities you might like to try, and then match this to the best island for you. Of course, if you just want to kick back and relax on a stunning white sand beach, well, your options are plentiful, and you’re spoiled for choice!

Some of the lesser known islands can really offer a secluded getaway that many people find the ideal antidote to a busy life back home. You don’t need to have an agenda for every single day you’re away, and you don’t need to have an activity planned for every single second – there is nothing wrong with kicking back around the pool, and there’s nothing wrong with sitting on the beach and doing literally zero! Sometimes, the greatest way to relax is simply to surround yourself with beauty, and you won’t struggle to find that in the Caribbean! Remember if you’re flying all the way to the Caribbean, wear compression socks to keep your legs fresh on the flight.

St Lucia offers some of the most dramatic landscapes in the Caribbean, as well as the Dominican, which we mentioned in passing previously. The big cities are also places to check out, because these can give you a real insight into the culture and way of life on the island. Kingston and Havana are two of the cities we have mentioned already, and these are two of the most iconic too. The party atmosphere, the history, the architecture, the culture, the food! Yes, checking out island food is something you need to do, and seafood is prevalent on every single island – be sure to try some traditional cuisine no matter which island you base yourself on, and don’t be afraid to try something totally different!

No matter which island you visit, and the way you actually visit, do your research ahead of time, to give you the best possible chance to truly explore everything you can on the island you choose to venture towards. These islands are not only about beaches and enjoyment, they have an abundance of history and culture in each single one, and they are all subtly different from each other too.



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