Broke But Full of Wanderlust

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Tips for quell the urge to travel while you save for your next adventure.

It has happened to most of us; we come home from a trip abroad and we have barely unpacked our luggage, and BOOM the wanderlust hits us again. We get that itchy feeling in our boots, and want to jump on the next plane to Thailand, Brazil, or Hawaii. But let us be honest for a moment here; travel costs money. And unless you have a nice fat trust fund, the reality for most is that you need to save quite vigorously before you can get some more stamps in that passport! But here are some tips and tricks to help you feel less sad during the times when you cannot afford to travel abroad.

Travel locally

Sometimes we do not take advantage of our own surroundings because we are so used to the scenery where we live. If there are some tourist attractions in your home town that you have yet to visit, spend a weekend being a tourist on your own turf. When you have exhausted all the possible activities and sites in your own town or city, look a bit further out. While you may not be able to afford a plane ticket overseas, a weekend road trip to a nearby town probably won’t break the bank! Travelling locally can be a nice, and cheaper, alternative to a big trip overseas, and it may just give you the excitement and adventure you have been craving

Recreate foreign experiences

Often the pull to travelling abroad is the range of authentic activities within a certain location. While this is obviously not as good as the real thing, see if you can still tick off some of the items on your travel bucket list. An injection of culture into your life can be super invigorating, and it does not have to entail a trip to the actual location. If you wanted to learn salsa dancing in Spain, or river dancing in Ireland; see if there are any classes you can take locally. Want to learn how to cook Italian or Vietnamese cuisine? Have a look for classes run by foreigners for ultimate genuine cooking. If you’ve always dreamed of a boozy Vegas weekend, rustle up some martinis and take advantage of online casino Royal Vegas, where you can immerse yourself in your favorite casino games without having to part with money for airfare or accommodation.

Find ways to reduce the costs of your next trip abroad

Make sure that when you do have enough money to travel again, you are saving every penny you can! In terms of accommodation, if you have not already, create accounts on sites like Agoda or The former offers points to members, while the latter has special deals that can only be seen when you are signed in. Also look at websites like Couch surfing, where you can connect with locals who will provide you with a couch or a bed for free. Other options include exchange deals like Workaway or HelpX. With these, you can exchange a couple of hours of your labor for bed and board.



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