All About The Hype  

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If you have ever visited the UK then you won’t need telling that football is big, big business. Not only is it played, it is watched, it is talked about, and it is also bet upon, and this is a way of life for most people. Why? Because it’s fun, it’s sport, it’s exercise, and it’s a real talking point.

Male or female, old or young, people love the excitement and fun of the game, and this extends into daily life in more ways than you can probably appreciate at first. You will find a huge range of football betting sites that are UK based, and it’s really not about heading down to the High Street betting shop anymore, it’s about choosing your bet from the huge range available from the comfort of your living room.

But, why is football so popular?

Many people believe that football was actually invented in the UK, and that just grew from there, spanning across the globe and causing mass hysteria wherever a ball was kicked. The home of football is classified by the huge number of big named teams which call it home, such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, to name just three. Huge stars with massive wage pay-outs, family days out to various stadiums, and TV channels dedicated to the game, and the game only. This is all common place in the UK.

Now, when the national teams play, the whole thing goes into the stratosphere!

England, for example; when England plays, especially when they play with a big team, such as Germany perhaps, the whole country almost stops. National newspapers feature the game on the front page, the news talks about it, everyone in the office at work talks about it, and the whole thing brings the country together.

You could argue that football hype in the UK is nothing but annoying if you live there and you’re not a fan, but the fact remains that in terms of bringing people together, there is no better game out there.

So, if you’re visiting the country for the first time, whether you like it or not, make a football game at the top of your agenda, and you’ll soon see why it’s all about the hype.



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