Your Must Visit Destination – Brisbane

Your Must Visit Destination – Brisbane

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There are very few cities on the planet which can claim to be as truly laid back and chilled out as Brisbane. A city which sits on the east coast of Australia, close to some of the most jaw-dropping natural wonders on the planet, should certainly have that reputation, and when you throw in its close proximity to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, two areas which are known for surfing and chilling in the sunshine, you can understand why it has this general vibe.

Brisbane is a city which is extremely well visited, and its often the case that one time is not enough. Most people tend to do a twin centre kind of break when heading to this east coast area, usually with some time spent on the Gold or Sunshine Coasts, and then a few days in the city. You can also reach the beautiful Whitsunday Islands or the Great Barrier Reef from Brisbane too, so you can understand why this is a city which benefits massively from tourism.

Queensland is of course known for being endlessly happy and packed with sunshine, and when you are surrounded by such beauty, it’s hard to be any other way! Finding somewhere to stay when you visit this chilled out city is not really that hard, but you also want to make sure that you’re choosing somewhere which meets your needs. There are plenty of serviced apartments Brisbane to choose from if you prefer a more home away from home kind of break, so this is an option you could check out too.

What you do when you are visiting Brisbane is a personal decision, and like most large metropolis’, Brisbane is divided into districts. The City, or CBD, is the central area, and you’ll find shopping, nightlife, entertainment, and plentiful gastronomy here. If you are heading to the city to stock up on your retail therapy needs, Queen Street Mall is a must visit.

For those who are seeking plenty of nightlife, head to Fortitude Valley, as this is renowned for having some of the best live music venues in the whole country, not just the state! Of course, the large Chinatown district is also colourful and cultural, and ideal for perhaps your favourite oriental meal.

Checking out the nature around the city is a must do, and you don’t have to go too far to see it! Mount Coot-tha overlooks the city and is easy to climb, giving you stunning, panoramic views.

For a chilled out, natural, yet vibrant city break, it has to be Brisbane.



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