Spain’s Costa Brava to Host Travel Blogging Conference

Spain’s Costa Brava to Host Travel Blogging Conference

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TBEX is off to sunny Spain

In order to recognise the growing and huge importance of travel blogging in terms of business and growth, the annual TBEX conference is heading to Lloret de Mar on Spain’s sunny Costa Brava this year. Running from 30 April to 2 May, in conjunction with the North American and Asian version of the conference, TBEX will bring together the world’s largest gathering of influential speakers, bloggers, writers, and big names in the travel industry, all in one place.

For anyone trying to build up a lucrative online travel blogging business, this is the place to be, with countless networking opportunities, and the best chance to learn more from those in the know. Of course, TBEX isn’t just for those into an existing business, it is also a great day out for those looking to start a business, or simply wanting to improve their travel writing skills for personal or professional use.

The downside? Tickets are in demand, so booking online early is a must.

TBEX is probably the biggest name in travel blogging, simply for its connection opportunities, as well as potential sponsors on site, giving those wanting to start a business, or push theirs further to the top, the ideal opportunity to meet influential folk to help in future endeavours. Of course, it’s also great fun, with the chance to explore a new destination with likeminded people, seeing it through the eyes of a travel professional or blogger, with people who look for the same things as you.

Big named brands are heading to TBEX this year, including travel powerhouse Trip Advisor, Expedia, Harley Davidson, Think Social Media, amongst hundreds of others, giving bloggers the chance to open serious doors for their online business needs.

TBEX has been a growing event, and is now reaching epic proportions. Put simply, there is no other similar conference for travel bloggers, writers, online business people, and sponsors such as this, and the fact that it is now reaching other corners of the globe shows just how important online travel sales and blogging has become. The world is now recognising blogging and travel writing as a serious career choice and a way to develop a successful business brand. TBEX allows those wanting to enter this world a chance to learn more from massively successful people, learn information to help improve writing and marketing, and possibly open major doors for future collaborations.

TBEX’s presence in sunny Spain this year means an anchor in Europe for travel bloggers throughout this huge part of the world, and this can only be good news for budding writers.

Grab your tickets now!



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