Air Asia Looking to Resume Flights to New Zealand

Air Asia Looking to Resume Flights to New Zealand

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In 2011 it was easily possible to fly between Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Christchurch in New Zealand for a relatively low cost, thanks to Air Asia and it’s four times per week service. The following year however, this service was pulled due to the company preferring to concentrate on more lucrative markets, and since then the low-cost airline have been noticeably absent in the New Zealand area. This could all be about to change however.

Talks are being held to create a Kuala Lumpur to Auckland service, which is fantastic news for travellers, as low cost airlines obviously mean lower fares to pay. The service is planned to resume as early as the end of this year, or early next year, with a definite boost for tourism on the cards, and less to pay out for those wishing to explore.

The former Christchurch service is unlikely to be resumed, mainly due to the fact that this is a service that was always more seasonal, and Auckland in general is a more popular starting point for those wishing to backpack or travel their way around New Zealand. More passengers obviously means lower fares, which means more customers – double boost for both the airline and New Zealand as a whole.

Jetstar Airways was the last big name airline within the region to offer a low cost option to New Zealand from South East Asia, between Auckland and Singapore. This was pulled over 12 months ago, meaning airfares from New Zealand to any part of Asia have always been higher, which obviously puts people off traveling at a higher cost. This area of the world is renowned for backpacking and travelling from country to country, and a low cost option makes this easier for those adventurous travellers, as well as those wanting a simple holiday to a nearby, but totally different country.

Air Asia’s upcoming plans are great news for those wanting to travel further for less cost; we are all on a budget and whilst dreams of traveling to far-flung places can certainly be achieved, if this can be done on a shoe-string then obviously this makes it easier and more likely. Air Asia is renowned for its budget airline status, and with a cheaper option between the huge city of Kuala Lumpur, over to Auckland, and vice versa, this offers the perfect opportunity to explore further without breaking the bank.



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