A Glitzy Night on Broadway

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A night on Broadway is a NYC rite of passage; many people think that unless you have done a Broadway show or two you really haven’t experienced the Big Apple in all its showbiz glory. They have a point in many ways, because this is where you will find some of the best stars treading the boards, some of the biggest named shows on the planet, and plenty of glitz and glamour to boot.

The Theater District is located in Manhattan, so it is very easy to find, and very centrally placed. You certainly won’t have any issues with getting to and from the area and back to your hotel, and there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes around the theatres to finish off your day or night. For some of the more upscale Theater District restaurants, you might need to reserve a table first, so perhaps think ahead if you’re trying to organise a particularly special night.

Finding your Broadway tickets is really your biggest task, after you have narrowed your choice of show down. There really are just two main routes to obtain official tickets – either at the theatre Box Office in person, or via a reputable website, such as Broadway Show Tickets. You need to exercise extreme caution in finding your tickets and where you get them from, because if you purchase them from an unofficial site, you’re basically going to be left out of pocket and empty handed. There are also ticket touts roaming the streets, offering tickets to those who pass by, but again, avoid these as they are not selling you anything even slightly official.

If you have a special occasion looming and you want to head to Broadway to mark it, look into VIP packages. You will find these available for a price, and they often incorporate a VIP box with refreshments and snacks. You can often find packages which bundle in a top restaurant in the district too, so do shop around if you want to really mark the evening as special with a capital S!

What can you see on Broadway? Well, it’s easier to say what can’t you see! Some of the biggest named shows on the planet are resident here, such as Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Wicked, Jersey Boys, Chicago, to name just a few, with several smaller, independent productions making waves too, such as Kinky Boots and School of Rock. There are many shows which are perfect for those travelling as a family too, such as Aladdin or the Lion King. It’s really about shopping around for your ideal tastes.

At the end of the day however, a visit to the Big Apple is certainly not complete without a night on Broadway.



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