The Perfect Honeymoon  

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Your honeymoon is probably the most important holiday you will ever go on, so it’s important to get it right, not only in terms of destination, but also in the planning states too. There are a few extra perks you can easily throw at a honeymoon, in order to give it that little extra magic and sparkle it deserves.

Make your travel as easy as possible

When looking at flights, try and get a day flight if you can, avoid arriving at your destination in the middle of the night, and see if you can book extra leg room in order to make your journey more comfortable. Of course, it may be that you can’t help the fact you had to book a night flight, simply because of where you’re going, but do look at all your options.

Look at travel extras

Booking extra leg room isn’t the only add-on you can use to make your travel day easier and a little more luxurious. You don’t want to be arguing by the time you get to the airport, so I would always advocate driving yourself and booking airport parking, instead of looking at public transport. I recently booked East Midlands airport parking and drove, and I found the service second to none. You can also save money doing this if you compare it to the cost of a bus or a train.

Be a little cheeky

If you mention along your booking process path that it is your honeymoon, and indeed when you arrive at the check in desk, you never know if you might get a few extra perks. Now, this is not at all guaranteed of course, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get! Remember to mention when booking your hotel for sure, in case you may be eligible for an upgrade.

Choose a destination you both want

Honeymoons really should be about spending time together as a couple, in surroundings that stun the pair of you. Discuss ahead of tie your budget, places you’d really love to go, and come to a compromise in the middle. If one half is simply going somewhere to please the other, when they don’t really fancy the destination, then this isn’t going to be a honeymoon to remember for the best reasons!

Pick an activity that is once in a lifetime

To really mark the occasion, pick an activity to do as a couple which is special, e.g. a safari, parasailing, swimming with dolphins, even bungee jumping – it can be any scale, but make it good.

Photos, photos, photos!

Finally, remember that camera and clear down that memory card, because this is one holiday you will want to look back on for years to come.

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