A Neon-lit City of Fun: Welcome to Vegas!

A Neon-lit City of Fun: Welcome to Vegas!

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Visiting Las Vegas is on a lot of bucket lists the world over, and for very good reason; this neon-lit desert oasis of fun, frolics, and complete and utter brashness, is like nowhere else on earth, and if you get the chance to head here, you simply have to grab it.

Vegas is loud, it is proud, and it is certainly a tiring break, but it is one you will never forget, and you simply have to get your photograph taken at the famous sign. The best way to get there, simply because that sign is further out of the town than you might realise, is by the hop on and off tourist bus, which is without a doubt the best way to get up and down the Strip. You will need comfortable shoes for sure, because that street is a lot longer than it looks!

Whilst you won’t get to see and do everything in Vegas whilst you’re there, here are five suggestions of must-do activities, things which unless you tick them off your to do list, you simply won’t have ‘done’ Vegas even in the slightest.

Visiting the Grand Canyon

You’ll find countless trips heading to the Canyon, and it should definitely be done. Most trips go via Hoover Dam on the bus, however once you arrive at the Canyon, or before if you choose to go straight from the city itself, certainly think about taking to the skies to check out this natural wonder. A Grand Canyon helicopter tour is a great way to get a fresh perspective on the area, and from up high you will truly be able to appreciate the awe of nature, something you simply can’t get a real perspective of from the ground.

Checking out the Strip from the sky

Whilst we’re on the helicopter topic, heading over the Strip at night is one of the top things to do in Vegas. When the desert is lit up with millions of lights from the various hotels and casinos, you will truly understand just why Vegas is as amazing as it is, because nowhere else on earth is quite like this. You will be able to pick up a helicopter tour from most tour operators, and your hotel will be able to advise you too.

A Vegas show is a true experience

Shows in Las Vegas aren’t just shows, they’re totally jaw-dropping performances that are bigger and better than anywhere else on earth. To get tickets for the best show you will need to book well in advance, however sometimes you may hit lucky with last minute tickets, but always remember to get them from the Box Office, and not from any unscrupulous vendors on the streets. Some of the world’s biggest names in music and entertainment have played residencies in Vegas, which tells you a lot about its famous quality.

See if you can win big in the casino

You will see casinos no matter where you look in Vegas, and it’s not unusual to walk through your hotel on the way to breakfast and see people still there from the night before! See if you can win a little but don’t bet too much! A Vegas casino experience is a true must do, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player who knows all the tricks.

Head to the top of the Stratosphere

The top of the Stratosphere Tower, at the far end of the Strip, will give you some of the best views of the city and nearby desert, without heading to the skies in a helicopter. The express lift will shoot you high up into the sky at fast speeds, and once you’re there you can either head out onto the observatory deck or you can enjoy some of the seriously adrenaline pumping rides – you can even bungee jump if the mood takes you!

Vegas is truly a city like no other.

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