Ultimate Family Holiday Destination

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Algarve, Portugal has long been a popular holiday destination. Known for its golden beaches and gorgeous scenery, Algarve has something for everyone. You will have no trouble satisfying and entertaining every member of your group.

  • Beaches
    This southern Portugal destination is home to an endless array of some of Europe’s finest beaches. It combines the climate of the Mediterranean with the warmth of the Atlantic. There are beaches backed by stunning cliffs and limestone outcroppings. Families can enjoy beaches that invite both leisurely strolls and thrilling surfing. There are also plenty of beaches on the social side with a more uptempo atmosphere.
  • Accommodations
    Whatever their budget, families have never-ending choices of where to stay. Algarve has everything from camping to hotels and fine resorts. Stay along the coast or in the countryside. No matter where you decide to stay, sites such as Expedia make booking your travel accommodations fast and simple.
  • Activities
    There will be no boredom or whining on an Algarve holiday. The wide array of picturesque beaches alone would be enough to satisfy every age or personality, but there is so much more. Algarve has golfing, historical tours, delicious food, water sports of all kinds, wineries, go-carts, festivals, sight-seeing tours, horseback riding, scuba diving and snorkeling, and dolphin and whale watching. Families can also visit Zoomarine Algarve, a family fun park offering animal exhibits, shows, an aquarium and a water park. Families can alternate between total relaxation and exciting activities.
  • Ease of Travel
    Travelling to Algarve is simple. Thousands of people from around the world or other parts of Europe fly, sail, or drive there for holidays each year. Algarve is only a three-hour flight or less from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and other parts of Europe. Once there, getting around is easy. The public transport system is inexpensive, efficient and clean. If your budget allows, you can rent a car, use taxis, or even hire a limousine.
  • Culture
    The leisurely culture in Algarve is perfect for families. You will find Latin hospitality. Authority is respected and politeness is expected. Family loyalty is very important. There are many ways to travel beyond the tourist spots and be immersed in this warm, family-friendly culture. This tourism guide has wonderful information to help you plan your holiday.

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