5 Must Visit Waterfalls in the World

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Partha Koner

Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful faces of nature. Almost every continent has its share of waterfalls, and out of these abundant landscapes, we think the five must-see ones are:

Parc de Bagatelle in Paris

Did you know there is a waterfall in Paris? If not,, you are not alone.. Now that you know, head to the Bois de Boulogne, and inside this forest lies the beautiful Parc de Bagatelle.

A unique aspect about this waterfall is that you can walk behind it! So, catch the next flight to Paris to see this waterfall in all its beautiful glory.

Andrea Anastaskis

Source: Andrea Anastaskis

Cascate del Serio in Milan

The largest waterfall in Italy is located at about 100 miles from the city of Milan. At a height of 315 metres, this three-part waterfall is nestled in the village of Valbondione. Since there are already many flights to Milan, squeezing this waterfall into your itinerary should be easy.

Andrea Anastaskis


Source: Matteo Rinaldi

Rhine Falls in Zurich

If you want to see Europe’s biggest waterfall, then take a flight to Zurich and from there, a short train ride to Neuhausen am Rheinfall. With a height of 23 metres and a width of 150 metres, the Rhine Falls is spectacular, to say the least. You can take in these sights as you walk across 11 different trails in the Adventure Park at Rhine Falls.

Partha Koner


Source: Partha Koner

Triberg Waterfalls in Frankfurt

Located in the beautiful Black Forest region, the Triberg Waterfalls is the highest waterfall in Germany. At a height of 163 metres, this waterfall is believed to have formed during the Pleistocene era. To get to these falls, take a flight to Frankfurt and a train or car to Triberg.


Source: Michael

Krimml Waterfalls in Austria

Enjoy the spectacular views of Austria’s highest waterfall by hiking through the village of Krimml. As a bonus, you also get to enjoy the beauty of surrounding countryside. The best way to get here is to take a flight to Vienna or Salzburg, and take a train or car from there.

Mattla Camellini

Source: Mattla Camellini

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